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Asia’s Premier Event on Clinical Trials Technology

Event Overview

Despite technology improvements, pharma is still lagging behind in implementation of effective platforms and software. Due to the nature of clinical trials and the mass amount of data collection necessary, this is the one aspect of pharma that will benefit the most with a coherent system crossing different country borders and across different timelines. The ability of investigators to enter quality data and sponsor’s need to access real-time data will help reduce the eventual trial approval period

“Bringing medical products to market costs $1.3 billion, and 1 out of every 5000 experimental compounds achieve FDA approval”
appliedclinicaltrialsonline, July13

“ e-clinical trial technologies market has been forecast to reach a value of US$4.1bn by 2018”
- Companies&Markets, June13

IBC’s Clinical Trials Tech conference is Asia’s only conference that provides a future-looking content providing opportunities for pharma, CROs, sites and academia to understand the necessary tools to keep up with technology and digital platforms. From cloud security to data management and PRO devices, Clinical Trials Tech will show the challenges of implementing these new but necessary platforms in order to streamline and make trials in Asia more effective.

Critical Analysis & Interactive Discussions on Trial Technology
  • Is cloud secure and how can it help streamline our systems?
  • How to maintaining standards & quality of data as clinical trials goes global?
  • Data governance: Barriers to EHR (Electronic health records) data reuse
  • How to utilize quality by design (QbD) to enhance the quality, efficiency & risk management of trials
  • Practical & cost effective solutions facilitate better communication with sites
  • Best practices for streamlining eTMFs, CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System), EDC systems
Asia’s Premier Event on Clinical Trials Technology
  • 20+ speakers discussing the modernization of clinical trials
  • Find out the latest innovations to aid streamline and increase effectiveness of data management
  • Hear from the end users their challenges in implementing the latest systems
  • Update, upgrade, harmonize and minimize human error with the latest technology platforms to take trials virtual
  • Identify cutting-edge devices to improve patients’ experience and adherence while collecting real-time data



  • 建立更强大的有机联系以确保对数据的控制和数据质量
  • 实现无缝的全球性操作及在全球范围内 24/7 全天候访问信息的步骤
  • 使用云作为助推器
  • 整合不同系统和语言的最佳实践
  • 智能手机和应用程序在患者招募中的角色将成为 PRO 设备
  • 在纸张 CRF(病例报告表)转变为 eCRF 的情况下为审核做准备的实用技巧
  • 人为因素在医疗数据验证中的意义
  • 在标准化网络中引入调查者以确保数据质量的实用且具有成本效益的解决方案
  • 使临床数据标准符合国际监管要求




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